Authentication Information


Capacity Utilization system uses two-factor authentication mechanism to enhance the system's security. In order to login successfully the input of username, password and an additional authentication code is required. The authentication code is a time-based one-time password (TOTP) which will be generated every 30 seconds on your device (like mobile phone, tablet, desktop workstation) using a special generator application.

To get access to your Capacity Utilization's authentication code two initial setup steps are required:

1. Setup TOTP generator application on your devices
2. Generate and install shared secret key on your devices

Setup TOTP generator application

Please install a generator application for your system platform and your devices which can generate the TOTP. The application must implement the open standard RFC 6238, Initiative For Open Authentication (OATH) of Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) to generate valid authentication codes for Capacity Utilization.

Supported TOTP Generator Applications

There exists a lot of TOTP generator applications for different system platforms for free download online. For the usage with the Capacity Utilization system we suggest one of the following applications.

Android based Mobile phonesGoogle Authenticator App from Google Play
Apple based mobile phonesGoogle Authenticator App from Apple Store
Windows desktopWinAuth Application
Apple Macintosh desktopSticky Bit Application
Browser based JavaScriptGAuth

Generate / install secret key

To generate the time-based one-time password you need to share a secret key between your Capacity Utilization's user profile account and your generator application.

First generate the secret key using the link Forgot or renew my authentication code secret on the login screen of Capacity Utilization. Fill in your username and an e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address with further informations how to generate the secret key. Use the link in the e-mail to start the secret key generation process of Capacity Utilization. A dialog will be shown where you can generate the secret key by pressing a button.

Secondly install the generated secret key in the generator applications on your devices using the secret key shown as QR code or the text-based secret key.

After this setup process completed the generator application generates every 30 seconds a fresh authentication code for Capacity Utilization. Please use this authentication code to login to Capacity Utilization.